Modern building materials

Environmental issues currently rule the world, and this is not the case in the construction industry either. There is talk of modern buildings and even more modern building materials. By no means do we mean meaningless energy consumers, but buildings… více

Heating systems

Based on the following overview, you can quickly and easily find out which heating system is right for you. Gas condensing technology Don’t have a cellar in your house? Do you already have a gas connection? Do you want a… více

Light sources

What is luminous flux and light intensity? An important feature when choosing a light source is its luminous flux, which is usually stated on the box and expresses the total amount of light that the light source produces in all… více

Construction of a family house

There is no doubt that the construction of a family house can be done in a supplier way. And what about building a house yourself? This is definitely exhausting. Just comparing budgets from different developers is a complex phase of… více