Light sources

What is luminous flux and light intensity?

An important feature when choosing a light source is its luminous flux, which is usually stated on the box and expresses the total amount of light that the light source produces in all directions in one second.
What are the sockets for light sources?


What are the sockets for light sources?

There are many kinds and types of lighting, fixtures and of course light sources. Once you have selected a suitable bulb based on the important properties and parameters, another no less important criterion for the bulb is the selection of a suitable socket, which must match the luminaire.

How to choose a suitable light bulb?

The light bulb, thanks to which we can have light in the home even after dark, has become an everyday and integral part of our lives. Choosing the most suitable one is quite crucial for us, not only from an economic point of view, and we should pay enough attention to it. So if you are considering buying a new light bulb, then certainly as efficient as possible and with regard to energy savings. Therefore, we will now focus on various features and technical parameters that will tell you a lot about the bulb and make it easier for you to choose it correctly.

How strong a light bulb is needed?

When thinking about buying a suitable light source for individual rooms, you need to think about the intensity of lighting, or so-called lighting. This is given in lux (lx) and determines how much luminous flux falls per square meter.